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An opportunity exists to enter the burgeoning European cannabis market, and Frontier Wellness Management is leading the expedition. Identifying Spain to be the quickest and most lucrative path to growth, Frontier is acquiring valuable assets to lay the groundwork for national, then continental expansion.


Spain boats the highest rate of cannabis consumption in Europe.

Spain boasts the highest rate of cannabis consumption of any country in Europe, with extensive medical use and recreational consumption permitted in regulated cannabis clubs (essentially bars where cannabis is consumed in place of alcohol). To serve the ever-growing demand for cannabis, successful growers and distributors have emerged in Spain – growers and distributors Frontier is prepared to acquire. Frontier’s plan is focused on two main entities: Medcan, the only retail operator of cannabis clinics in Spain, and Bliss Wellness, which possesses the only federally issued national delivery licence covering the entire country.

Corporate Strategy

But Frontier will do more than just acquire these key entities; plans are already in place to grow their influence. Frontier is focused on:

  • Expanding partnerships with recreational clubs in Barcelona
  • Acquiring new clubs in Barcelona
  • Extending the presence of clubs in Catalonia: Costa Brava, Ibiza and Mallorca
  • Growing online recipient memberships to 10,000 within 18 months
  • Signing an expansion agreement for Italy

By entering the Spanish cannabis market, Frontier is building on fertile ground. The existence of basic infrastructure and favourable regulations, as well as the acquisition of entities with a firm footing, promises to stimulate quick and scalable development that’s further buoyed by an eager, and as yet underserved, retail market.

Meet the Team

John MacPhail


John MacPhail has been involved in the cannabis industry for over three years, most recently filling the role of CEO of I-5 Holdings, a Canadian company focused on the US retail cannabis market. I-5 Holdings was acquired by Captor Capital Corp. after raising $83 million to bring the company public.

MacPhail is also the Chairman of Wealthcraft Capital, and the Executive Chairman of Frontier Wellness Rx. and Green Stripe Naturals. Prior to entering the cannabis industry, MacPhail spent nearly 30 years as an investment banker, including time as the CEO of Union Securities in Vancouver, B.C.

Ed Duda

CFO & Director

Ed Duda is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 30 years’ of senior-level experience in public and private companies. For the past 11 years he’s served as the Managing Director for Delmac Pacific Management Inc, a private organization that provides consulting and advisory services within the mining, technology, financial services and medical industries.

Prior to his holding current position, Duda served as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of Northern Vertex Mining Corp. and Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc. He has also held senior positions with Haywood Securities Inc., Blackmont Capital Inc. (formerly First Associates Investments Inc. and Yorkton Securities Inc.), Union Securities Ltd. and Omni Vita Custom Wealth Management Inc.

Carlos Bello


Carlos Bello is a global-marketing, sales and customer operations executive, with over 25 years of results-oriented business management experience. As an MBA, and 20-year HP veteran, Bello has a foundational background in brand management, FMCG, product marketing, business analytics and customer experience.

Graham Heal

VP Corporate Development

Graham Heal is a business executive with extensive experience developing ventures in the Agro sector. He has founded and secured financing for an agribusiness to cultivate “Green” liquid biofuel feedstock on a 65,000 HA land parcel assembled and leased for production in South East Asia, and led an effort to cultivate the natural sweetener Stevia by demonstrating it can be grown with exceptionally high sweetness profiles in Cambodia.

Heal has also served as an officer and a director for several public issuers in the Canadian and US e-commerce and tech sectors, where he founded a company and held a variety of senior management positions.

Jack MacPhail


Jack MacPhail most recently held the position of Project Development Manager for I-5 Holdings Ltd. Prior to entering the cannabis industry, MacPhail was a Research Analyst for CIBT Education Group Inc. in Vancouver, B.C., where he was responsible for the modeling of over $1 billion in real estate assets, and overseeing the renovation of a class B building in downtown Vancouver, along with the development of a class A building in Burnaby BC.

MacPhail received his B.A. in Economics, and a B.S. in business administration, with a minor in finance from Chapman University.